Faun Variopress - Hydraulics

In this section you will find all the spare parts related to Faun Variopress waste collection and compaction vehicles as well as the right hydraulic filters for its maintenance.



We have a large stock of appropriate hydraulic components for Faun Variopress compactors.

We can offer the complete the complete control units that manage the press and the different elevation and ejection mechanisms in Faun Variopress compactors.

You can also choose the different components separately to repair your own control unit: coils, manoeuvre valves, connection blocks and the different connection elements.

If you cannot find on this website the parts you need, please contact our customer service at +34 968 676912 or send us an email to info@teclimur.es and we will help you locate the correct part for your Faun Variopress compactor.



Proportional solenoid valve 24V to drive the Faun Unilift RR bin lifter manual valve


Compatible with Faun original reference HA0159*

For any questions or to place an order contact us by email info@teclimur.com or by phone +34 968 676912.