Spare parts for street cleaning sweeping machines

Within the sail between different groups of spare parts, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, items for the chassis, brushes, rubber seals, suction tubes and ultimately, all elements necessary to sustain its street sweepers always ready.

We have the necessary spare parts to keep your street sweepers always ready.

We offer the largest catalog of references in Europe compatible with street sweeper brands, result of over a decade of research and development, to provide you the highest quality parts immediately.


In our catalog you will find thousands of references compatible with your road sweeper. To find them, click on the brand of your sweeper and we will drive you to its specific catalog.

Within this catalog you will find the different groups of parts, hydraulic pumps and engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, components for chassis, brushes, rubber seals, suction hose and ultimately, all the necessary elements to keep your sweeper always ready.

In this section you will find detailed information about the different type of spar parts compatible with brands such as Faun, Bucher, Schörling, Johnston, Brock, Ravo, Scarab, Madvac, Schmidt and many more leaders in the street cleaning sector.

Do not forget that our catalog is being updated constantly with new references.

If you cannot find on this web site what you need, feel free to contact us on to locate the correct part or call us to: +34 968676912.

Our goal is to keep your fleet fit in a simple, low-cost and quick way.