About us

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We provide our stock of spare parts for street sweepers and RCV refuse collection trucks

What is our objective?

We know your sweepers and garbage trucks can not stop. So we offer an effective service and a permanent stock of compatible parts that allow you to keep going and do your job effectively.

All our spare parts for sweepers and RCV compactors are high quality, appropriate to meet the required standards you demand and therefore achieve the best performance for your company.

From our logistic center of the Industrial Base 2000 Lorquí (Spain) we daily ship to all destinations, supplying businesses like yours with the brushes required to increase productivity.

Do not worry about the cost of transport: The volume of shipments we carry out every day allows us to offer competitive prices and above all, a fast and efficient service for you to get your material as soon as possible.


How can we help?

We have spare parts compatible for most of sweepers and compaction systems used in urban environments, both in current models as in the old or discontinued. Our compatible replacements offer the best quality / duration and content prices to increase profitability.

These parts fit the most common applications, but you may even place an order with other personalized settings, if your company needs.

We are not interested to sell a single order, but incorporate you to our client portfolio and maintain the relationship between our companies for a long time.

We are proud of being suppliers for highly prestigious companies in the cleaning sector.

Try us and we will be happy to serve you.


Are you a manufacturer? Would you like us to distribute your products?

We are always interested in featuring new items to our product portfolio.

If you would like to offer us the products your company manufacture and they are related to our scope, please e-mail to info@teclimur.com and we will judge your products.


We adapt to your needs

Our company is constantly evolving. We are interested in your proposals an queries as a user. Send us your suggestions to info@teclimur.com