Haller X2 - Centralized lubrication system


This section contains all the components of the central lubrication system for Haller X2 compactor.




If you need to repair the automatic greasing system, we offer you all the necessary spare parts to keep your Haller X2 solid waste compactor always properly lubricated.

You can choose the different components separately to repair the lubrication system of your compactor: manual and electric greasing pumps, couplings and lubrication hoses that distribute the grease around your compactor mechanism.

Select the spare parts among the list of references you can find below or click on the menu on your left where your Haller compactor appears so that you could display a list of all the available spare parts for your machine.

If you cannot find on this website the parts you need, please contact our customer service at +34 968 676912 or send us an email to info@teclimur.es and we will help you locate the correct part for your Haller compactor.