Hydraulic Motors


Applicable to public works machinery, machine tools, navy equipment machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, textile sector machinery and timber machinery.



We offer hydraulic slide valve engine, 100% compatible with the different sets of orbital hydraulic motors manufactured by Sauer-Danfoss.

We can offer a wide range of cubic capacities that will meet the requirements of your machinery.

Although here we show standard configurations, there is a large number of configuration options so that your hydraulic motor is exactly as you need it.

You can choose oval and wheel flanges, needle bearings, orbital spool valve, cylindrical conical and striated axes, low high pressure seals.

Select the orbital motor you need among the types listed on this text or "click" in the menu on the left for "Top Quality Hydraulic Components" to list other available items for your machinery.

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Motor hidráulico Danfoss OMS80


Compatible con referencia original 151F0500* / W90665414*

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