ORLACO rear vision systems


We offer you the whole catalog of rear vision systems manufactured by Orlaco, the sector European leader.

The solid waste collection trucks activity takes place in crowded metropolitan areas.

From the cabin, the driver needs to be in view of all the blind spots which may cause an accident.

The advanced Orlaco remote viewing systems guarantee the visibility of the entire working environment of your tanker truck, both for rear load and lateral load trucks.

These systems can also be applied to other vehicles such as urban cleaning road sweepers, street washers or sewage systems cleaning equipment.

Orlaco cameras and monitors, in compliance with NEN-EN 1501 regulations, the European safety standard for waste collection vehicles.

We offer you the complete equipment: monitor, cameras and wiring or you may purchase the different components individually.

Since all the components are "plug and play", you just have to connect them so that they are fully operational.

In the top menu you can choose all the options that we offer in Orlaco remote viewing systems.

If you have questions or need help setting up your Orlaco remote viewing system  send us an e-mail to info@teclimur.com or call our technical department in Spanish or English at+ 34 968 676912.




Cámara Orlaco 12V AMOS CPH 51 PAL 0,6M


Compatible con referencia original 0199700*

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