Here you will find the parts you need if your road sweeper is made by Aebi-MFH.

We have the largest catalog in Europe of spare parts compatible with Aebi-MFH street sweepers.

In our catalog you will find hundreds of parts compatible with your Aebi-MFH urban street sweepers, for series 2200, 2500, 5000 and 5500.

To locate your spare part, go through the areas that your team needs to repair: Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electronics or simply type in the original reference of the spare part you need in the browser on the top right of this page and let us do the job for you.

In the different sections you will find brushes, wheels, pneumatic suspensions, hydraulic engines, wheels, filters, seals, cylinders any necessary element to keep your Aebi-MFH  sweeper always ready.

For a better service, please send us the model and serial number of your Aebi-MFH  road sweeper.

Do not forget that our catalog is being updated constantly with new references.

If you cannot find on this web site what you need, feel free to contact us on to locate the correct part, or call us at: +34 968676912 and you will receive assistance from a technician.

Our goal is to keep your fleet fit in a simple, low-cost and quick way.