Hydraulics for Ravo sweepers

Los motores hidráulicos del tipo TMR son de válvula corredera y son totalmente compatibles con la serie OMR de Saüer-Danfoss.

Here you will find the most common spare parts of the hydraulic system of your Ravo sweeper.

We offer you hydraulic filters, connecting tubes, raccords, filters, electrovalves and other hydraulic elements, all of them manufactured in high quality materials.

Select the parts you need from the references listed below, or "click" in the menu on the left for your Ravo sweeper to list the rest of parts available for your machine.

If you cannot find on this web site what you need, feel free to contact us on info@teclimur.com to locate the correct part, or call us at: +34 968676912 and you will receive assistance from a technician.